While the NBA has locked itself away in a bubble, Black people are still victimized by state-sanctioned violence and police brutality outside of it. As a result, protesters have decided to take these issues to the league's doorstep. 

Protesters surrounded an NBA media bus that was making its way from ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World in Orlando back to the hotel after the Los Angeles Lakers blew out the Houston Rockets to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

These protesters appeared to be reacting to the death of Salaythis Melvin. In August, the 22-year-old Melvin was shot in the back and killed outside the Florida Mall in Orange County, Florida by Deputy James Montiel. Melvin wasn't the initial target of authorities as Montiel was part of a plainclothes unit that was in the mall to serve a warrant to another man. 

The protesters attempted to barricade the buses in hopes of getting the NBA to raise awareness about this shooting. Some people also held signs that specifically asked Los Angeles' LeBron James to come forward and help them.