UPDATED 5/19, 2:15 p.m. ET: NFL.com reporter Jom Trotter reports that NFL owners are tabling the resolution that would " incentivize the hiring of minority coaches and general managers."

The New York Times' Judy Batista shed some light on why the resolution might have been sidelined. 

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NFL owners have reportedly organized a vote for next week that would see them decide how to better encourage minority hires for head coach and general manager positions. Jim Trotter of NFL Media reports that the league is looking to address the lack of diversity in these positions, potentially offering an improved draft position to any team that hires a person of color for either role.

Sources anonymously explained that if a team hires a minority head coach, they could have the opportunity to move up six sports in the draft prior to the coach's second season. If a person of color is hired as the team's primary football executive, the team would move up ten spots. If both positions are filled with minority candidates the same year, the team could move up 16 spots.

The resolution will reportedly be presented alongside the possibility of removing the anti-tampering barrier that forbids teams from blocking assistant coaches interviewing for a position at another club. As of right now, there are only four head coaches of color, and only two black general managers. That's a 17-year low for the league.

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