A little over a year ago LeSean McCoy made headlines for sending out a pair of tweets that said "RIP my dog TONEY STARK" and "The worst day ever....me and lil shady are hurt...they killed Iron Man. Take Captain America instead" on the same day that Avengers: Endgame hit theaters. 

Respect to him for not deleting those statements. It's a little late now anyway:

Needless to say, his tweets ruffled some feathers. But, thankfully 1.) Superhero fans 2.) Twitter users, and 3.) Especially the intersection of the two, are notoriously sane, so there wasn't too much blowback.

Just kidding. A lot of people got pissed and directed their anger at McCoy.

12-and-a-half months later, and McCoy is dubbing the incident the "worst decision of [his] life."

That's what he told the hosts of Good Morning Football on Wednesday morning, when the subject was brought up.

“I didn’t know the reaction of the people, I didn’t know that. If I knew that, I would have never tweeted that," he said. “I didn’t know that people really got into them cartoons like that. I apologize. It was terrible.”

The apology was coupled with a wholesome anecdote about meeting Paul Rudd and his son, and not necessarily understanding comic book fandom. 

See? That was nice.

Hopefully that makes any lingering rage subside. But, if you're still mad about either the original spoilers or this new reference to superhero films as "cartoons," may we suggest medication more angry tweets? 

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