There's been some talk about Giannis Antetokounmpo joining the Golden State Warriors in the future, and now Kevin Durant has chimed in. When NBA reporter Matt Moore drew a comparison between Durant and Antetokounmpo, Durant responded by calling him a "sensitive ass" in a tweet. From there, he didn't hold back, responding to fans jumping in the conversation with similar comments.

"Whatever Giannis does is his decision," wrote Action Network's Matt Moore. "It isn't a moral choice. It's a professional choice which impacts his life, even if there are impacts on other people. I'll be disappointed, like I was with KD, if he bails, but not in him, just that it happened." Not mincing his words, KD called Moore a "sensitive ass." When a fan added that "basketball fans don't gotta like where you choose to play," he simply added, "Boo hoo," and, "Cry some more." When another fan suggested that he was the one being sensitive by responding to the tweet to begin with, he replied, "So what does this make u?" 

When Warriors Outsiders co-host Drew Shiller chimed in, Durant kept it going. "I can't respond to someone I follow?" Durant asked when Shiller suggested the word "bails" provoked the original "sensitive ass" response. "Why do u care?" he continued. When a fan suggested that Shiller always goes after KD, he replied, "He's infatuated with me but Drew was always scared to say anything in person. Just awkward head nods lol."

The exchange on Twitter comes just after the San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Warriors had been "preparing for years" to have Antetokounmpo join the team in a trade or free agency. There has been no such confirmation as to what his future at the Milwaukee Bucks is, however.