The Last Dance documentary is officially wrapped up. It's one of the best basketball documentaries ever. It gave us so many classic moments and stories that will not soon be forgotten. The doc also gave us plenty of new Michael Jordan memes, who has now stamped himself as the meme lord of this era.

Throughout the series MJ delivered plenty of reactions that became instant hits on social media. That's just what he does. However, it wasn't until the final night of the series that we got the best meme from the entire thing: "Jordan Jamming." The meme was born out of a short clip of MJ on the team bus rocking out to some new Kenny Lattimore music, which he bragged hadn't been released at the time. Lattimore later confirmed the story via Twitter.

This alone is hilarious because MJ was getting ready to demolish dudes on the court by warming up to some smooth R&B music. True killer. However, this clip took on a life of its own thanks to the "Jordan Jamming" account on Twitter, which is putting classic songs over the video of MJ dancing on the bus. The results are hilarious. 

Just look at this: 

Or this: 

We could do this all damn day: 

This is probably the best one: 

One more for the road: 

Ok, last one: 

Pure magic. 

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