On Tuesday, Dana White relayed an interesting text from Conor McGregor in which the fighter expressed a desire to fight on UFC's Fight Island, the private island that the promotion plans to use to pull-off bouts during the coronavirus pandemic. 

White relayed what McGregor had sent him in a text while he was being interview by Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports

After being asked if he'd had any recent conversations with McGregor that involved his intent to fight soon, White whipped out his phone and proceeded to read what McGregor had told him.

"Let's see if he texted me back," White said, before confirming that he indeed had. 

"He's asking me what date I could fight on 'Fight Island,'" White continued. "And will there be fans?" 

After Fox joked that he'd be the one fan to attend, White continued to put into context what this could mean. 

"Conor wants to fight." Oh...I guess, it's pretty simple. 

After being asked if Conor wanted to go up against Jorge Masvidal (which was a name that White had mentioned as being a possibility earlier in the day), White declined that there was any "specific opponent" in mind. 

"It sounds like he wants to fight in June," the UFC prez said. "He's asking if there would be fans there. There would not be fans. And the fight would either be mid-June or end of June. But Conor wants to fight." 

The relevant clip was posted to Twitter, with a tease that the full interview was coming later (fast forward, here that full interview is): 

Now all that's left is pretty much every single logistical issue, including getting Fight Island up and running, getting an opponent for Conor, getting around travel restrictions, and probably some other stuff I'm not thinking of at the moment. 

Sounds like a headache, but also sounds doable.