Like any good beef in 2020, Spike Lee has decided to take his issues with the New York Knicks front office to the 'gram.

On Saturday, the legendary movie director posted a picture of his ticket to the Knicks' game against the Houston Rockets on Instagram. In the post, Lee continued to explain that he uses the employee entrance any time he goes to Madison Square Garden and has been doing so for years. 

"Good Morning Orange And Blue Skies. On Monday,March 2,In Da Year Of Our Lawd ,2020 This Ticket Was Scanned As I Went Through The Employee Entrance On West 33rd Street. I Had Used This Entrance For Over Da Last 30 Years," Spike wrote. "The Previous Time Was Last Wednesday Afternoon When I Introduced The Hit Broadway Play TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD For A Free Performance To 18,000 New York City Public School Kids. On My Dear Mother’s Grave -Ms. Jacquelyn Shelton Lee, No One From The Garden Had Ever Told Me I Could Not Use The Employee Entrance Until Garden Security Told Me To Get Off The Elevator Once I Had Entered After This Ticket Was Scanned."

Lee went on to take direct aim at the Madison Square Garden management and Knicks owner James Dolan before reminding his followers that he'll forever be a Knicks fan. 

"Believe What You Want-Da Garden Lied On Me. Think About This-All Of A Sudden I’m Gonna Think Up Some Insane BS Like This? After 30 Years,I Just Decided To Blow Up Da Spot? For What? For Publicity?What Am I Promoting? To Put Myself On The Back Pages Of The NY Daily And NY Post? I’ve Been World Wide FAMOUS Since 19 Muthafuckin’ 86," he continued. "This Iz Nuthin’ But Da 3 “S” From Da Garden-Shenanigans-Subterfuge And Skullduggery. In Closing I Have But 💜💜💜💜💜 For The Players On Da New York Knickerbockers. Don’t Git It Twisted. This Is Between Me And Dolan. ... Orange And Blue Skies Forever."

Last week, the superfan claimed that he was done attending Knicks games after an incident during the Monday night game. Lee entered the Garden for the game through the employee entrance. Security informed Lee that they wanted him to leave and re-enter through the designated VIP entrance. The director informed him that he's been using this entrance for years and if he were to leave after his ticket had been scanned then he wouldn't be granted re-entry.

After Lee became vocal about the way he was treated, the Knicks released a statement calling Lee's recount of the incident "laughable."

This response prompted Spike to make an appearance on ESPN's First Take where he doubled down on his version of events as well as sparking his latest Instagram post. 

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