Sports fans expect to pay for overpriced food when they go see their favorite team in person. But Hard Rock Stadium has taken things to the next level for Super Bowl LIV

Per USA Today, hungry fans will have to shell out $16 for a hamburger, $15 for popcorn, $14 for a bottle of Bud Light, or buy a carved beef tenderloin sandwich for $28. 

These prices are par for the course for Super Bowl games. Yet, fans were spoiled last year in Atlanta. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium prides itself on providing affordable food and drinks for fans. As a result, a hamburger at last year's Super Bowl cost fans $5 instead of nearly $20. 

The concession prices only add to how expensive this year's Super Bowl has been. According to, Super Bowl LIV is becoming one of the most expensive sporting events in history. The average day-of ticket price has reportedly exceeded $6,000. Still, fans are dishing out cash to watch the Chiefs and 49ers make history.