Superman returns.

Sources tell Shams Charania that Dwight Howard will participate in this year's NBA Dunk Contest.

Dwight Howard participated in the dunk contest from 2007-09, winning the competition in 2008. During this stretch, he put together some rememberable moments. Howard solidified himself as the NBA's other Superman during the 2008 competition.

In 2009, he took a backseat and allowed himself to be used as a prop for Nate Robinson. The 5'9" Robinson fashioned himself Howard's "kryptonite" and jumped over the 6'10" center to win the 2009 dunk contest. 

Although he's not the superstar he was during his dunk contest run, the 16-year veteran has been able to maintain his bounce despite suffering a host of injuries. As a result, his participation had some excitement to the waning contest.

Howard could be going up against Rookie of the Year candidate, Ja Morant. The 6'3" point guard has wowed fans with his high-flying dunks (and missed attempts) this season. Morant admitted to toying with the idea of joining the contest during a conversation with Yahoo Sports

Although the thought is entertaining, it's possible that Morant will sit this year out because he's been experiencing back spasms since running into a cameraman in November.