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Twitter users are convinced they've found Adam Gase's rumored burner account. And the evidence is pretty convincing. 

In a recent New York Daily News report, a source claimed the New York Jets coach—or someone close to him—had a fake social media account that was used to clap back at his haters. The allegation further underscored Gase's reputation within the franchise as "an insecure guy" who could not handle criticism ... at least, not in a mature way.

Per the outlet:

In fact, some people on One Jets Drive are convinced Gase or a family member has a burner Twitter account to monitor what is being written or said about him — and defend him if necessary. Gase didn’t respond to several requests from the News for this story.

In the report, insiders addressed Gase's so-called inflated ego and the ways in which he responds to critics who say he is an unfit leader. Sources say the coach has expressed indifference toward the critiques, and simply responds with lazy, cocky lines; his most of favorite of which is said to be, "I’m rich as fuck." Yes, it's an immature defense, but probably true.

Shortly after the Daily News story was published, Kevin "KFC" Clancy of Barstool pointed to Gase's allged the burner account: @WyattV18.

Twitter user @CYJpod also pointed out that Wyatt is the name of Gase's 7-year-old son, a fact that supports the claims that the alleged burner account is run by Gase and/or one of his family members.

Of course, we don't know for sure if this is a phony account set up by Gase or one of his relatives, but many of the tweets—some which date back to the beginning of 2019—are extremely pro-Gase and frequently blame the players and the front office for his team's poor performance.

You can check out some choice screenshots of @WyattV18's defensive tweets below.

— Cool Your Jets (@CYJpod) December 24, 2019