It looks like the NFL is washing its hands of all things involving Colin Kaepernick

While speaking to the media on Wednesday, commissioner Roger Goodell claimed that "the league has moved on" from Kaepernick and the failed free agency work out. 

"On Colin Kaepernick and what went into the FA workout, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, 'It was about opportunity, a credible opportunity. ... He chose not to take it, and I understand that,'" the NFL's Ian Rapaport reports. "The league has moved on."

In November, the NFL announced that it would host a free agency workout for Kaepernick at the Falcons practice facility in Flowery Branch, Georgia. 24 teams were committed to seeing him work out with the promise of footage being sent to all the franchises that couldn't make it. Yet just hours before the work out was set to begin, Kaepernick and his team decided to move the session to a high school in Riverdale, Georgia. Kaepernick cited issues with a waiver and transparency as the motive for him forgoing the NFL workout. 

Along with Kaepernick, Goodell also addressed the ongoing Patriots investigation. Goodell told reporters that the NFL has not rendered a verdict regarding the film it has received from New England, but he assured them that the league is being "thorough" with their investigation.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the Patriots were filming during the Browns' game against the Bengals. Initially, it was reported that the Pats were filming a segment for their Do Your Job featuring an interview of an advance scout. But, sources now claim that there were 8 minutes of film focused on the Bengals' sideline. This bears similarities to the team's infamous Spygate scandal. When asked if the Pats past infractions are impacting the investigation, Goodell admitted that their history is a "factor."