Potential plot twist.

Last week, there was a report, which came from New York Daily News Jets beat writer Manish Mehta, that mentioned talk of New York Jets head coach Adam Gase having a burner account. The report, citing sources, detailed how Gase didn't care about criticism he's received. "In fact, some people on One Jets Drive are convinced Gase or a family member has a burner Twitter account to monitor what is being written or said about him — and defend him if necessary," Mehta wrote. "Gase didn’t respond to several requests from the News for this story." After some digging, Kevin "KFC" Clancy of Barstool Sports picked up on theories that Twitter account @WyattV18, which was very supportive of Gase, belonged to the Jets coach. Many also pointed out that the account was likely named after Gase's son, Wyatt.

In a very much unexpected turn, Gase's supposed burner account is now thought to be actually run by Mehta. The account has since been deleted.

Clancy also provided a screenshot that showed a DM conversation he had with Mehta in which the Jets writer denied the allegations. "Lol You tweeted that I have fake Gase twitter account? I luv ya, Kevin. But come on," Mehta wrote. 

Head over to Barstool Sports for a complete run down and some more backstory. 

In related news, Clancy brought up that Mehta was the person who asked Gase that Le'Veon Bell question that's been making the rounds and that Gase's short answer might have been because of who was asking.

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