Earlier today in Atlanta, Colin Kaepernick held his own workout for interested NFL teams after breaking off plans with the league to showcase his skills. From the jump, the NFL's planned workout for Kaepernick seemed a bit off and more like a PR stunt than an actual attempt to get Kap back in the league. Even without the official NFL workout, Kap decided to host his own showcase and threw for a total of six teams at a field outside of Atlanta.

To no real surprise, Kap showed that he can still play. A league exec told ESPN's Adam Schefter that Kap's arm strength was still "elite." In videos posted to social media, Kap could be seen throwing pinpoint deep balls to receivers. He can still play.

While we'll wait to see if a team actually steps up to the plate and signs Kap, the Complex Sports team picked out five NFL teams that need to sign the former 49ers QB right now. And let's be clear, way more than five NFL teams could use Kap right now. There's a lot of mediocre QBs in the league, but we picked five intriguing options at this moment. 

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