We're a few weeks into the NBA season, and as things take shape, we're starting to figure out which teams are better than we thought and which teams are legitimately just bad. While the NBA trade deadline isn't until February, December 15 is the real date to keep in mind when it comes to NBA movement. At that point, all of the players who signed deals this past summer can be traded. Guys like D'Angelo Russell and Marcus Morris can officially hit the block on that date.

While the season is still early, it's clear some teams need to make a move. The Blazers desperately need a shakeup to that roster. The Warriors should consider moving DLo. Why wouldn't the Cavs trade Kevin Love? There are plenty of moves to be made. Of course, we've already listed out players who we think should be moved this season, but now we're taking it a step further and listing out five deals that we think would help everyone involved. Take a peak and get ready for the NBA rumor szn. 

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