Listen, I'm not trying to stir up a controversy, but anyone who says that Geno Smith said "tails" last night during the coin toss before overtime is flat out wrong. Sorry, it's the truth. The man clearly said "heads." If you think otherwise, you're just hearing what you want to hear. I mean, really listen to it. It's heads. Go ahead and listen for yourself. 

How can anyone really say that Smith said tails? Are you just an upset 49ers fan? That's the only explanation I can come up with. Now, some are saying I'm taking such a hard stance on this because I won money on Seattle last night, but that's neither here nor there. I'm simply placing myslef on the right side of history, unlike some of you.

The Complex bullpen is already debating this "controversy" and I regret to inform that public that a lot of my co-workers are wrong on the subject. You truly hate to see it. 

Also, anyone acting like this would have changed the game is crazy. We saw how bad Jimmy G performed in OT. We also saw the 49ers rookie kicker literally shank a kick into the tunnel of the stadium. They blew the game when they had ample chances to win. Nobody told Kyle Shannahan to throw the ball three times and take 25 seconds off the clock before giving the ball back to Russ. Pinning this on Geno is errenous and I won't stand for it. San Francisco had chances to win and didn't take advantage. Don't blame the L on poor Geno Smith who just went out there and did his job like a true warrior. 

I'm done with this "debate." As Tyler, the Creator said, "Embarrased by the fans right now."

Anyone who thinks Smith said "tails" is a coward and wrong. That's that. Have a good day. 

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