The Bengals are off to a horrendous start to the NFL season. One fanatic is prepared to weather the harsh Midwest autumn to protest the team's struggles. 

Jeff Lanham has placed a tent on top of his restaurant and has decided to live in it until Cinncinatti wins a game. Lanham will only descend from the roof to use the restroom in the building, tend to business at the restaurant, and of course, attend Bengals tailgates. Lanham got inspiration for this stunt from the antics of one Bengals radio personality and alcohol. "Well, 1991 Wildman Walker did it, and I was drunk in a bar one night and said something I shouldn't have said, and this is where I'm at," Lanham told the local CBS affiliate

Aside from a bathroom, Lanham is equipped to weather out the conditions as he waits for the Bengals to generate a win. His wife, Chrissy Lanham, says that he gets food and beer from his restaurant, he has an air mattress, heater, blankets, and a phone charger. When he doesn't want to eat from the restaurant, Chrissy brings him food and he'll soon have a TV so that he can watch away games. "Oh, I know he's crazy. I mean, yeah, to do something like this," Chrissy said. 

Judging by the Bengals' schedule, Lanham might be stuck on the roof for at least one more week as they face the division-leading Ravens next Sunday. But, they might catch a break against the 2-3 Jaguars the following week. If not, Lanham will be in for a long fall. "He could be up there for Thanksgiving," Lanham's friend, Scott Benjamin, said. "I guess we'll just have to take some Thanksgiving dinner up to him."