Despite interest from multiple teams, the Jaguars will not honor Jalen Ramsey's trade request. 

ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that nothing can entice Jacksonville into trading Ramsey—even if the offer included "five first-round picks." While it hasn't received an offer that gaudy, Jacksonville did get packages from several teams. The sources claim that multiple teams have offered the Jags two first-round picks for the cornerback and Jacksonville's second-round pick. Yet, Jacksonville insists that it will not move Ramsey. 

That position is anchored by the team's owner, Shad Khan. Ramsey requested a trade in September, but Khan has made it known to NFL insiders that he doesn't want players to determine team operations. This has led to a stalemate that Ramsey is hoping to end by tempting other teams to bombard the Jaguars with offers. Ramsey claimed that he's willing to play for the teams he's traded to without getting a contract extension and that they shouldn't be worried about his back injuries.

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