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Tyreek Hill is looking to mend his personal life while he nurses himself back to health

TMZ has obtained court documents claiming that Hill is seeking to gain shared custody of the son he shares with ex-girlfriend, Crystal Espinal, who's had sole custody of their 4-year-old child since 2018. But, Hill's legal team says that this hasn't stopped him from being present in his son's life. In the documents, Hill states that Espinal gained custody while she was living in Arizona. Despite the distance (Hill plays football in Kansas City), the wide receiver traveled to Arizona eight times to see the child. He also alleges that Espinal used potential quality time with his son to leverage a relationship. 

Hill reportedly asked his ex to for more face time with their child, but Espinal denied his request unless she was able to move into his home in Kansas City. Hill eventually caved and let Espinal live with him in Sept. of 2018. But because of the recent child abuse allegations leveled against Hill, he's been restricted to limited visits. Criminal charges were not pursued against Hill, but Espinal still dictates when he gets to see their son. Hill thinks that if this continues without court intervention, it would be "devastating" to his relationship with his son.

It's just the latest chapter in Hill's ongoing legal battle with Espinal. In July, Espinal asked for sole custody of their other two children, while Hill requested that the children take a paternity test to prove that he's the father.