Even before they traded away Kenny Stills, and Kiko Alonso, and Laremy Tunsil, it didn't exactly take Jimmy the Greek or whoever his modern day equivalent is to foresee that the Dolphins were likely to suck complete ass this season.

But still, it seemed reasonable to expect slightly more competence than what was on display when Miami lost to the Ravens on Sunday by a score far more common in high school or out-of-conference college games than the NFL (a.k.a. 59-10). It was enough to make the infamously awful '07 team look like Super Bowl contenders a 5-11 squad.

Apparently there are consequences for taking a shellacking of such an embarrassing magnitude.

According to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, multiple Miami players reached out to their agents to request a trade following the brutal Week 1 beatdown they took. Florio adds that the Dolphins' front office denied that any agents had reached out to them, but that's also kind of what you'd expect them to say whether it's true or not.

Florio adds that the players still on the team are of the belief that they're tanking in order to get higher picks, which was basically Miami's unofficial offseason theme. In fact, the Dolphins aren't even the only team in town currently doing it. Safe to say there's been better times to be a south Florida sports fan.

Worth noting is that coach Brian Flores, who made his official debut on Sunday, has denied that the team's series of roster moves is evidence that they're actively tanking though, again, that's to be expected. A potential mutiny sounds like a fun plotline to follow when it doesn't involve the team you root for.

Seems like something worth monitoring in the common days/weeks.