UPDATE 9/11, 9:30 p.m. ET: Durant went back to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to more criticism. Check out some of his replies below.

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After a prickly interview with the Wall Street Journal made Kevin Durant's feelings about his former teams painfully clear, KD spent the better part of the afternoon arguing with anyone who dared call him out on social media.

"I eventually wanted to come back to that city and be part of that community and organization, but I don’t trust nobody there," Durant said of OKC in the interview. "That shit must have been fake, what they was doing. The organization, the GM, I ain’t talked to none of those people, even had a nice exchange with those people, since I left."

Durant started his latest Twitter session by pointing out one fan's unfortunate analogy.

He accused others of simply attacking him because they know he might respond and give them a spotlight. 

KD told a few of his haters that his responses were merely honest answers to questions leveled at him by reporters. Durant made it clear that if he was unhappy with a team, he wouldn't lie just to smooth things over. 

Gotta love the simplicity of this response. 

Finally, KD drilled down to the heart of the matter, reminding us all exactly why he's known for these online back-and-forths.

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