Jerry Jones just up and admitted to breaking the collective bargaining agreement between the NFLPA and the league. Jones went on the finance network Cheddar to discuss the signing of Ezekiel Elliott on Thursday. While he was talking about deal, the Cowboys owner revealed he negotiated Dez Bryant's contract with the Cowboys directly with JAY-Z

For the uninitiated, teams are not allowed to enter into negotiations with an uncertified agent. JAY is not a licensed NFLPA agent but both he and Jones are at that level of rich that it's a fools game to guess if anything will come of it.

Jones started the Jigga talk by claiming that he's a huge fan of everything about the rapper-turned-mogul.

“JAY-Z, bar none, is in the top five of anyone I’ve ever met. His style, his demeanor, the quality of the person he is, he’s just outstanding,” he said, before admitting to the Bryant negotiations.

"I negotiated personally with JAY-Z on Dez Bryant’s contract. And we actually were in the 21 Club, and we started about 12 midnight and finished about five in the morning and we negotiated down in the wine cellar Dez Bryant‘s contract,” he said.

The NFL's collective bargaining agreement makes it absolutely clear that this is not allowed.

“Clubs are prohibited from engaging in individual contract negotiations with any agent who is not listed by the NFLPA as being duly certified" is the rule's exact wording. 

Take a look at Jones' admission below: