Dwyane Wade Seems Interested in Owning NFL Team With Rick Ross

"So for me, if that opportunity ever presents itself, I would do it..."

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Dwyane Wade hasn't been out of the pro sports world very long and he's already interested in finding a way back. In a conversation with Rick Ross for GQ, the recently retired NBA star revealed that he's open to owning a team in the NFL. The two celebs who are heavily associated with the city of Miami talked up the idea of buying a team from an ownership group looking to cash out.  

“Let’s say the opportunity presented itself and we had the opportunity to buy ourselves an NFL team," Ross said to broach the subject. "Is that something we move forward on, or don’t?”

“I move forward on it,” Wade replied. “I move forward on it. 100 percent.”

Wade and Ross then shook hands, with the rapper joking he wouldn't want to finance purchasing a team on his own. Wade said that he would use any potential purchase to bring other folks along with him. 

“I go in with, ‘Hey, if I’m gonna do this, I need this opened up for others.’ I don’t want to be the only one at the table," he said. "I never want to be the only one eating well. I want other people at the table, so I can have a great conversation with everybody and everybody doing well."

“So for me, if that opportunity ever presents itself, I would do it, but I need the ability to be able to bring some others with me, so once we get in there, whatever change, whatever we’ve been talking about, we can do it together," he continued. "We can create this, we’re stronger in numbers than we are by ourselves, so that’s the only way I would do it. But I would love to.”

It's clear that Ross would love the capital to snatch up his hometown Dolphins. With the team full-on tanking and players reportedly scrambling over each other to abandon ship, the time might be ripe for Rozay to take over. He recently spoke out against Dolphins owner Stephen Ross once he was found to be a Donald Trump supporter. 

"You know, it's been rough with me and the Dolphins for years. But, Stephen Ross, he isn't surprising anybody," Ross said. "No, black young kids in the community ever got invited to the football games. I'm a Dolphin because my [of] loyalty to the city. But, to the front office? Nah."  

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