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UPDATED 9/9/19 10:43 a.m. ET: Derrick Rose speaks about his brief time with the Knicks during the Phil Jackson era in his upcoming book, I'll Show You. In an excerpt from the New York Post, Rose is critical about Jackson's insistence on running the archaic triangle offense.

"He was still forcing them to run it," he says. "I’m a slasher, a driving point guard. The triangle is okay, but not for the personnel we had. [Carmelo Anthony] couldn’t play that way, didn’t want to."

The Knicks ended that 2016-17 season once again near the bottom of the conference. Following that year, Jackson left and Rose signed with the Cavaliers as a free agent.

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Derrick Rose might not win MVP again, but the 30-year-old Detroit Pistons guard is still happy with what he's accomplished in his career. In a brief interview on The Stephen A. Smith Show, Rose opened up about his experiences moving from team to team over the past few years. During the conversation, he insisted that he was a Hall of Famer, albeit "not in everyone's eyes."

Speaking of his tumultuous experiences, Rose said, "I felt every emotion you could think of."

"I made it, I executed it, I got to where I was at," he continued. "I been having these expectations I have now they were throwing on me in sixth grade. I achieved all that, I got through all that.

"Imagine being 12 or 13 and everywhere you go, people are putting their burdens on you, like, 'You're gonna be the man to make it.'"

As of right now, Basketball Reference says there's only a 10.5 percent chance he could join the Hall of Fame.

The 2011 MVP finished last season with his highest points per game total since 2011-12 after struggling with inconsistent output, injuries, and bouncing around different teams the past few years. Regardless, he's confident enough in his abilities to help bring his first NBA Championship to his new home. "I wanna win a Championship, that's what I really wanna do," he said in a recent interview on NBA Radio.

"But with Detroit we have a great chance," he said.