In their young season, the Cleveland Browns have not lived up to the hype the team amassed heading into this year. Some think it has to do with Baker Mayfield's lacklustre play, including former NFL coach turned ESPN analyst, Rex Ryan.When listing off the Browns' offensive weapons, Ryan sent a stray bullet Mayfield's way calling the quarterback "overrated as hell."

"I bought into the dang hype," Ryan said when asked to clarify his comments. "What's he doing right?... Here's a guy who is a one-read guy then he's going to improvise."

This didn't sit well with the notoriously outspoken Mayfield. The media brought Ryan's comments to his attention on Wednesday, and Baker responded with a jab of his own. "It's whatever," Mayfield said. "In the wise words of [Browns head coach] Freddie Kitchens: 'If you don't wear orange and brown you don't matter.' And Rex Ryan doesn't have any colors for a reason so it's okay." It wasn't long before the exchange got NFL fans talking. 

Things don't get any easier for the Browns, with a matchup against the mighty Ravens up next.