Rumors run rampant in the world of professional wrestling. It's ironic — that a business renowned for its secrecy and coded language enables a culture dedicated to sussing out its methods.
For the dedicated fan, who learned long ago that wrestling was a work, the meta-discussion about the locker room drama can be just as interesting, if not more interesting than the actual show. Die-hard wrestling fans enjoy the matches on two levels, the ability of the performers to "sell " a match and make us suspend our disbelief, and two, the rationalization of why X wrestler won or lost, based on his or her reputation or standing in the company.
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is the only person who knows with certainty what the results of the upcoming matches will be, but discerning fans can assume a lot, based upon the backstage politics surrounding the performers.
With that said, here are the 11 biggest WWE rumors currently making the rounds. SummerSlam will air live on the WWE Network this Sunday, August 11.