August is a tough time for sports fans. It's the absolute dead zone for the NBA. The NFL is back, but it's really just a tease until September. We all need something to fill the gap, and thankfully, EA Sports delivered their best Madden game in years. Yes, you read that correctly. Madden NFL 20 is great. It seems like they took all the complaints about the game from the past few years and addressed the longstanding issues. The gameplay is is crisp. The new features are amazing. The rankings in the game seem right

This is by no means a perfect video game, but how often do we see that happen these days, especially for an annual release? This is easily the best Madden release in years and a game I'll be playing for months, especially this month with nothing else going on. To celebrate the release of the game, the Complex Sports team gathered together five reasons why this is the best Madden game in years and absolutely worth your time and investment.