Carmelo Anthony isn't currently on an NBA team and hasn't been since he was released by the Houston Rockets early last season. During an appearance on First Take on Friday morning, Melo talked about his current state in the NBA, and how he still thinks he can play in the league. "Out of 30 teams, you mean to tell me I can't make a 15-man roster?," Melo said on First Take. Frankly, he's not wrong. And while Melo's NBA future is in doubt, it's a real shame that his career could end like this. He deserves to go out with a farewell tour, as a number of NBA players have said recently.

What ultimately happens with Melo will be one of the biggest storylines going into this next NBA season. Will he get signed? Is this the end? Nobody really knows, but we decided to put together a list of five teams who should sign Melo before the start of the season. Take a look and let's hope that Carmelo Anthony gets to end his career on his terms and not on the sidelines.