The NBA world has been toying with the subject of Carmelo Anthony's decline since it was announced that Melo would not receive an invite to join Team USA at this year's FIBA World Championship. Some think he should cut his losses and enter an early retirement, but the Wizards' John Wall thinks Anthony deserves a proper exit from the league. 

"The only way it is really going to work for Melo is if he goes back to the Nuggets," Wall told NBC Sports when asked about Melo's farewell tour. "It has to be a franchise you built something with."

Although he's in favor of Anthony returning to the league, Wall recognizes the qualities that plague Melo from being a productive player at this point in his career. "The NBA has changed," Wall explained. "You have to find that role where you might have to come off the bench. Melo has a resume that [says] 'I don't want to come off the bench.' It's the same as [Allen Iverson]."

Wall then went on to detail how Melo has to modify his style because his mid-range game isn't as effective. Wall thinks if Melo was to play the way he does on the USA team then he could have another successful run in the NBA. "The Melo that we saw in the World Cup and the Olympic Games was the Melo everybody wanted to love," Wall stated. "In this new NBA, that's what Melo has to be."

Despite players like Wall and Chauncey Billups questioning Melo's ability to adjust, Anthony thinks he's proven his willingness to be a role player. "I don't mind coming off the bench," Melo said during an interview with Stephen A. Smith. "I've done it. I came off the bench in Houston... That's not an issue with me."

He also stated that his goal is to return to the NBA and win a championship not to just have a farewell tour. "I never said anything about a farewell tour. I've never even thought about a farewell tour."