According to "league sources" that spoke to ESPN, the Lakers' soon to be official re-acquisition of Dwight Howard is coming with a clear condition: He's out of L.A. if he disrupts the team.

Adrian Wojnarowski writes that Howard sold himself to people at every level of the organization—including management, coaches, plus Anthony Davis, JaVale McGee, and Rajon Rondo—as an ex-All-Star that's hit "rock bottom." That description was relayed by a team source who also added that Howard agreed to take a reduced role with the team that'd consist of him mainly blocking shots and racking up rebounds.

Howard also demonstrated his improved health by showing that his surgically repaired back was no longer an issue. He also lost 25 pounds. The Athletic adds that Howard made a positive impression by showing up a day early to this week's scheduled meeting/workout. After weighing their options the Lakers reportedly took Howard over their second choice, Joakim Noah.

While these would all seem to be good things on paper, Wojnarowski writes that Howard "has sold an almost annual idea of a personal renaissance and epiphany, only to infuriate coaches and teammates with behavior that moved from selfish on the court to childish and disruptive off it." In other words, take this newest report with a grain of salt.

The Lakers are set to be Howard's sixth team over the past five years (since he last played for Los Angeles) and the organization also holds all the leverage in their renewed relationship since they can just cut him prior to the Jan. 7 deadline that guarantees contracts for the season.