Dwight Howard doesn't have time to beef with Shaq. At least, that's what the new Lakers center wants the world to believe. Howard sent a message out to his Instagram followers, saying that he's too focused on playing to worry about the criticism he's received from the former Lakers star. 

"It's okay, I'm not here to talk about Shaq. What he said, what he did. It's irrelevant to what I'm trying to do," he said. "So, don't talk to me about what anybody else said about me. My focus is on one thing."

Howard's comments come after Shaq pretended not to know who Howard was when asked about his addition to the Los Angeles roster. He also intentionally misspelled Howard's name on Twitter.

The week has been a busy one with regards to Shaq beef. Kobe Bryant drew his former teammate's ire when he suggested that the Lakers would have won 12 championships if Shaq bothered to hit the gym. Shaq responded with the familiar criticism of Kobe: that he's a ball hog. 

"U woulda had twelve [rings] if u passed the ball more especially in the finals against the pistons #facts," Shaq said."You don't get statues by not working hard."

The pair appeared to hash things out by both confirming that there was no actual animosity between them. However, Shaq used their conciliatory back-and-forth to take another shot at Howard.