Blake Griffin has experience both as a basketball player and someone in control of the mic. The Detroit Pistons star has been trying his hand at stand-up comedy over the last few years and he has figured out why athletes always come off badly in post-game interviews.

"After the game you have to do media and you have to sit at a press conference and answer questions," he said on an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "I think people always think athletes are like really stupid and it's not that we're stupid it's that we've just exercised for two hours and there's not really enough oxygen in our brains."

To demonstrate, Griffin had Fallon run in place for 15 seconds (complete with color commentary from Blake) and then shoved a microphone into his face. Fallon barely had time to puff out an "um" before the mic was pulled back and another question was lobbed. 

As for how Griffin ended up in the stand-up world, he said it came entirely by accident. 

"I kind of like stumbled into it. I was gonna go to the Just For Laughs in Montreal," he said, revealing that he was offered the opportunity to MC a late-night set. 

Griffin accepted, thinking he would just need to introduce acts. As a novice, he didn't realize that the MC tends to kick off the night with a set of their own.  

"I had to go write 10 minutes...and it worked out," he shared, though he admitted that his first set was almost entirely about basketball. 

Take a look at Griffin's explainer up top.