UPDATED 06/28/19 11:05 a.m. ET: Chiefs officials are expecting a suspension for Tyreek Hill, according to The Athletic. The ruling, an expected maximum of four weeks, is predicted to come next month.

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According to Yahoo Sports, Chiefs Pro Bowl receiver Tyreek Hill is set to meet with NFL investigators later this week in Kansas City.

More specifically, Adam Schefter adds that the meeting will take place on Wednesday:

It was previously reported that the criminal child abuse case Hill was involved in was no longer being actively investigated, but Hill remains suspended from all team activities. A child services investigation into Hill is still ongoing, and the NFL had said that they will not rule on the case until that concludes.

810 Sports Radio's Kevin Kietzman says that the league's reps plan on conducting "multiple interviews" with Hill. He also says that Hill will have legal reps with him when these "multiple interviews" occur. This would seem to signal that the NFL feels comfortable going forth with their own investigation.

Hill had been being looked into for battery following an incident that left his three-year-old son with a broken arm. The local Johnson County DA said that his office believes a crime was committed, but that there wasn't enough evidence to determine the perpetrator. Later, the DA declared that an audio tape was released in which you could hear Hill and his fiancee discussing the child's arm. When his fiancee says that their kid is scared of him, Hill says "You should be afraid of me too...." As a result of the release of that audio the case was reopened, but at the moment it remains inactive. A few weeks ago reports surfaced that said the break was caused by accident, and in a manner that would occur after bracing for a fall.

Chiefs training camp for veterans is scheduled to begin on July 26.