Montreal has been without a baseball team since the Expos packed up and moved to Washington, DC in 2004. Expos fans still exist, though, and they're passionate enough that one MLB team is considering calling Montreal home for half of the year. 

ESPN's Jeff Passan reports that Tampa Bay got the go-ahead to look into spending half the season in Montreal and the other half at the Tropicana Dome, effectively splitting time between one the most nondescript cities inNorth America in Tampa, and one of the best. (The Rays actually play in St. Petersburg, which is decidedly "okay").

The news, like all news about the formerly hapless (Devil) Rays, has been met with jeers and jokes. 

Canadians are so desperate to have the Expos back that they are willing to accept a team with the stench of the Big Guava on them. 

Nate Silver points out that the two-city team might be a logistical mess. There aren't flights between the two locales. 

It looks like baseball could finally be back in Montreal, sort of. 

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