The temperature appears to be cold for Chris Paul, as the Knicks reportedly declined a deal to acquire the former All-Star point guard.

On Wednesday, sources disclosed to The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor that Houston was attempting to gear up for this summer's free agency by moving Chris Paul to the Knicks. Not only would this free Houston of Paul's three-year, $124 million contract, but it would also oblige with the apparent wishes of their superstars. Recently, reports have surfaced claiming that Paul and James Harden have been at odds. Though the tension hasn't affected their on-court production, turmoil came to a head when Harden allegedly presented the management with a "him or me" ultimatum regarding Paul. Paul reportedly responded by demanding a trade, leading Houston to scout potential suitors. Although both Paul and Rockets general manager Daryl Morey deny these reports, several stories similar to O'Connor's have surfaced detailing otherwise.

While New York has the cap space to accommodate Paul's massive contract, it should be noted that the Knicks were hesitant to trade any of their assets for the young, more valuable Anthony Davis. This abundance of room gives the team the leeway to sign multiple max free agents. Taking on the aging Paul's contract would handcuff New York in that department. It's still unclear if the Knicks will land a top free agent, but staying away from the expensive Paul is certainly a good place to start. 

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