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Even with Conor McGregor drifting off into supposed retirement, his rivalry with Khabib Nurmagomedov seems to still be active

Khabib traveled across the pond to promote his UFC 242 bout against Dustin Poirier. While fielding questions during a press conference at London's Hotel Cafe Royal on Wednesday, the fighter battled through the language barrier to share his thoughts on McGregor. First, he explained that he has no regrets about their post-fight brawl. He then gave the UFC version of Allen Iverson's "Practice" speech when explaining why McGregor doesn't deserve a rematch.

"In the last three years, he has only one victory in amateur boxing," Khabib told the assembled press. "How does he deserve a rematch? He tapped. He begged me, 'Please don't kill me.' Now we talking about a rematch?" 

"Tony Ferguson's on the line," he continued. "People who have win streaks [are] on the line. Not the guy who don't win nothing last 3 years."

Although it was blunt, Khabib's dismantling of McGregor's shoddy resume was spot on. Conor's last UFC win came against Eddie Alverez on November of 2016. That would make Khabib's math just five months off his three-year estimate. Also, Khabib isn't the only person who doesn't think McGregor deserves a rematch. UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, states that the only reason a rematch is being talked about is because of the revenue it would bring in. 

"There’s all this talk about a Conor rematch, because financially that would be a fantastic fight" Rogan explained recently. "But if you look at what happened, that was a dominant victory. There was one round where Conor did pretty good, the third round. Other than that, Khabib just sort of dominated him. I mean, he dropped him in the second, beat the f*cking shit out of him in the fourth. The third was a round where Conor did pretty good, because most of it was standing up."