A J.R. Smith/LeBron James reunion could be pending.

On Monday, Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes revealed that the Cavaliers are actively trying to trade away Smith's partially guaranteed contract. According to Haynes, whichever team decides to take Smith off the Cavs' hands will more than likely waive him. Once he's waived, it is assumed that he'll end up reuniting with LeBron in Los Angeles.

Haynes also explains why Cleveland is pushing so hard to move the veteran. If they are able to trade him before this month, the Cavs will not have $15,680,000 that is left in his agreement. Instead, they can work out a deal with the team he's traded to only give him the $3,870,000 that he's promised up to this point.

If Haynes reports are true, it is likely Los Angeles' tight cap space will only allow them to offer Smith 10-plus year veteran minimum of $2,393,887. Yet since this is going on top of the nearly $4 million he's entitled, Smith isn't taking that big of a loss. Also, what he's missing in funds will be reciprocated with the chance to once again play on a championship caliber team. By trading for Anthony Davis, the Lakers have once again made themselves a dream destination. And (if you exclude Game 1 of the 2018 Finals), it is proven that J.R. Smith and LeBron have title-winning chemistry.