Game 6 of the NBA Finals is finally tonight and I’m ready to win some money. Well, I’ll probably lose money, but it’s the fun you have along the way that really counts. I’ve been pretty cold the entire NBA playoffs, but the real winners don’t stop in the face of adversity. 

With that said, here are some bets that I’m fond of for game 6. My buddy Adam Cap, the Godfather of Complex Gambling, is going to share some thoughts on my bets and whether he thinks I’m a moron. These wagers are a mix of a few longshot bets and some more conservative picks. 

This has been such a weird series from the start, and the KD injury only adds to that. It’s still wild that the Raptors lost game 5, and while I think the Warriors can win tonight, I think the Raptors close it out. Golden State has simply been through too much. One team can only endure so much. Steph and Klay will need to carry the load, but we’ve seen Toronto win at Oracle. Kawhi is poised for another big game tonight and if the Raptors get anything from Kyle Lowry, they should be able to finish this. 

But enough of that, let’s win some money, folks. 

Bet No. 1 - Raptors Win By 10-13 Points (+850) 

Chopz: All in on this. I love obscure bets. I think the Raptors win this going away. Let’s just hope it’s between 10 and 13 points. 

AC: The payoff for these props is always enticing, but hitting it is a different story. Can’t endorse. Sucker play here if you’re throwing down significant dollars.  

Bet No. 2 - First Player to Score a Point by Either Team - Kyle Lowry (+700) 

Chopz: Come on, Kyle. You need to redeem yourself and what better way than to score the first point of this game. Do it for, Chopz. 

AC: While Lowry will likely have the ball in his hands during the Raptors’ first possession and ideally set the stage, why does it always feel like his buckets come when everything breaks down or something freaky happens? That’s better served for later in the game. The more prudent play would be taking a 3-point shooter or someone likely to get off an easy look around the basket. So I’d advise a play on either Kawhi Leonard (+350) or maybe even a DeMarcus Cousins (+550) since the Warriors will need big production out of the big man sans KD and maybe they give Boogie an early look to get him going.  

Bet No. 3 - First Player to Score a 3PT FG by Either Team - Pascal Siakam (+1000) 

Chopz: Pascal Siakam has been cold from three this entire series. Like, brick. You know what that means? My man is due! 

AC: Gotta do your research, pal. Siakam is 1-of-5 from three in the first quarter of the series and shooting just 13% from beyond the arc in the Finals. If you want to throw your money away, just give it to me. The more prudent play would be taking Marc Gasol (+800) picking and popping from three if you’re really after a price. Klay Thompson at +250 represents very good value while Steph Curry at +175 ain’t terrible, either. 

Bet No. 4 - Raptors 1st Quarter (+1, -110) 

Chopz: For you novices out there, this is me betting that the Raptors will either be tied or leading after the first quarter. I think they’re going to come out swinging and look for the early knockout. 

AC: Considering the Raptors have played relatively well at Oracle this season (3-0), I don’t have a problem with this. 

Bet No. 5 - Raptors ML (+120) 

Chopz: I think the Raptors win tonight. I just don’t see how the Warriors bounce back from the devastating KD injury. Put the rent on the Raptors moneyline. (Don’t actually do that, but yeah). 

AC: How the Warriors respond to the emotional roller coaster they’ve been on since Monday nobody knows. But it’s the last game at Oracle Arena (that’s a dump, albeit an historical dump) and closing out a series, especially an NBA Finals, is easier said than done—the Warriors know. I think Golden State finds a way to get this series to a Game 7 so I personally can’t endorse this play. The total for tonight’s game is the lowest of the series, opening at 211, so I endorse a play on the over.