Philadelphia native Kevin Hart is not happy about the 76ers' recent defeat at the hands of the Toronto Raptors, and during an appearance on Live with Ryan and Kelly, he said Drake had something to do with their loss. "There was a tremendous amount of back-and-forth that we had, you know he wanted to bet on a series and I was like, 'I'm not gonna bet you 'cause you don't pay, you don't pay your debts,'" he explained.

"Is that true?" Kelly Ripa asked Hart. "Yeah he doesn't pay. He bet before and it took him a long time to pay me so I'm not betting him no more," he replied, looking exasperated. "I think my frustration from the past is probably what brought some of his negativity into the series, because if I had a bet we probably would have won. But because I didn't bet he reversed me, he hit me with a reverse whoo, basically."

Hart, who didn't go to any of the games due to superstition, firmly believes that Drake had cursed the 76ers to lose by simply bringing up the idea of a bet. "I let my city down," he added. Drizzy was recently criticized for his courtside antics during a recent game against the Milwaukee Bucks, and he responded to the complaints by simply brushing them off. Something tells us he'll be doing the same thing with regards to Hart.