UPDATED 5/23/19 10:10 a.m. ET: Chris Broussard has shared one final message about his ongoing feud with Kevin Durant, claiming that he's had many long conversations with the Golden State star. 

"In my telephone, I have more than 60 direct messages from Kevin Durant on Twitter and Instagram since February of 2018," he said. "These were conversations initiated by KD himself."

He added that he would not provide receipts of their conversations "out of respect for KD."

"For those of you wanting to publish these DMS, it's not going to happen," he said. "I will continue to love, respect and pray for Kevin Durant and objectively analyze him as a basketball player."

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Fox Sports host Chris Broussard appeared on an episode of Undisputed, where he revealed the nature of his relationship (if any) with Kevin Durant. The two have gone at it publicly recently, as Broussard's discussions about whether or not the Warriors are better without KD (who is currently injured) have led to Twitter back and forths. Calling it a "love-hate" relationship, Broussard said the two have had several conversations with one another through text, sometimes for hours.

"There have been days, a couple of days we've texted for 2, 3 hours straight about life, about basketball, about media, about faith," he said. "Our common faith in Jesus Christ, no matter how flawed we each may be, has always enabled us to come to a point of civility and understanding."

KD, on the other hand, claims that the sports anchor doesn't even have his number.

Broussard quickly responded, doubling down on his statement, adding that KD is playing semantics. "IG DM, Twitter DM, text - it’s all the same thing nowadays, dude. Don’t act like I’m lying," he said.

Additionally, the analyst also touched on KD's response to his comments on The Odd Couple show, saying that his tweet was "tame," in relation to their private conversations. He ended by saying he has "no problem ever with KD or any player coming at me. And you guys know this, in our position we make a living critiquing athletes, positively or negatively. So it would be able hypocritical of us to not be able to take it when they come back at us."