Throughout his career Kevin Durant has caught a lot of attention for his social media, frequently chiming in on conversations where he's namedropped. He recently responded to Chris Broussard's claims he had his phone number, tweeting, "U don't have my number mannnnn." The analyst is one of many who's been the target of Durant's social media ire.

Durant talked about why he's so active during an interview with the press.

"I'm a human being with a social media account," he said. "I can see if I've ventured off into like, politics or culinary arts or music and giving my input, but I'm sticking to something that I know. It's just all I know."

An interviewed chimed to say, "You're supposed to be talking about what you don't know on social media." That's not Durant's M.O.

" I'm actually talking about stuff that I know...I'm qualified to talk about basketball. So when I respond to something, especially when it's about me personally, of course if I'ma tell you you're wrong about it."

Durant also spoke about how much he likes to watch Golden State Warriors games just like any fan would.

Check out what he had to say above.