The Toronto Raptors didn't have a particularly great game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night, losing 116-95. Kawhi Leonard did what he could with 33 points in 37 minutes. Any momentum the Raptors had came to a halt when Leonard was benched, and his personal trainer Clint Parks took note.

As fans on the Toronto Raptors Reddit point out, Parks tweeted and then quickly deleted Kyle Lowry criticism. "Kawhi goes out the game and everything falls apart," he allegedly said. "33 million and zero game." He has since gone private on his Twitter account. 

Lowry only scored a measly seven points the entire game, leading many to blame the Raptors' loss on him. This isn't his only weak performance this postseason:

Parks wasn't the only one to criticize Lowry's performance. Many posted memes that highlighted just how poorly he performed.