The eccentric Dennis Rodman is into a lot of things, but according to him robbery is not one of his interests. On Thursday, Rodman went on record denying the allegations that he was part of a yoga studio clothing heist. 

Earlier this week, the owners of a luxury Southern California yoga studio accused Rodman and his associates of stealing over $500 worth of clothes in addition to breaking a $2,500 crystal art piece. Despite the incident being caught on store cameras, what Rodman insists is the alleged stolen accessories were gifts from the owner for attempting to help move the crystal.

"I asked him, 'Can we get a couple of gifts for us and stuff like that?' And the guy said yes," Rodman explained to TMZ Sports. He then went on to say the owners of the VIBES Hot Yoga studio falsely created the scenario in hopes to extort the former NBA superstar.

"As the good person I am, I said, 'Okay guys, okay. Let's go over here and do one thing,'" Rodman recounted. "And they call it a heist because guess what? They're broke."

Rodman feels that the whole situation is to help create exposure for the yoga studio and he states that the police agree with him. "We didn't steal shit," Rodman said. "They filed a police report and [the police] said 'Hey, Dennis. Guess what? We're not going to charge you anything,' because I didn't do anything.

Police in Newport, Califfornia confirmed to TMZ that they are actively investigating the crime. They could not verify Rodman's accounts of the incident.