D'Angelo Russell was issued a citation on Wednesday night after marijuana was found in his checked bag while attempting to fly out of LaGuardia Airport.

USA Today reports that the Brooklyn Nets point guard was questioned by police when he tried to fly from New York to Louisville. A screening of his bag found marijuana hidden in a stash box designed to look like a can of Arizona iced tea.  The paper cited an anonymous source who claimed that Russell was issued a summons to appear in court for marijuana possession. 

Should Russell be found guilty of breaking New York state's marijuana laws, he would have to enter into the league's marijuana program. Under the current collective bargaining agreement, any player who has"been convicted of (including a guilty plea or no contest) the use or possession of marijuana in violation of the law" must enter the program. However, the league employs a three-strikes policy with regards to suspension, so Russell would not be in danger of missing any games—at least none cause by league sanctions.