LeBron James has spoken once again on the loss of Nipsey Hussle, calling the Los Angeles rapper's murder "one of the most unfortunate events that's happened in American history." 

"It's another tragedy in the inner city, in the urban community and it's just unfortunate," he said in an interview with CBS Los Angeles.

James said that Hussle was a victim of resentment from people who grew up around him and hadn't found similar success. 

"When you tap into that gift and you know what your gift is and then you give back and you continue to give back and you continue to give back and you continue to put on for where you come from, to see it taken away by someone who didn't have the same drive...is what we have to deal with in our own inner cities," he explained.

The NBA community has been offering their condolences following the tragic news. The Lakers paid tribute to the rapper at a game following his murder and Russell Westbrook pulled off the nearly impossible feat of a 20-20-20 game in Hussle's honor.

In the wake of Hussle's death, many people have pointed out the ways in which Hussle was investing in his community. His brother, Samiel Asghedom, explained how Hussle became a role model in his neighborhood.

"He was somebody that believed in the process of hard work, determination and just the positivity of somebody staying in the area that he grew up in and making something out of nothing," Asghedom said in an interview with ABC News. "He was a role model to the community, to the kids, and to the mothers and the grandmothers and the community that watched him grow up and seen him as a youngster, [and now] a family man, a father, raising his kids."