Greg Jennings is a legend in Green Bay, not quite on the level of a Bart Starr or Brett Favre, but up there. Knowing that, it's a bit wild to think that he was ever made to feel unwelcome at Lambeau Field. However, that's exactly what he said happened in a new piece from Bleacher Report detailing the dissolution of the Packers. According to Jennings, he knew he was done after Aaron Rodgers made a joke about Jennings landing in San Francisco after his contract with the team ended. 

The former player and current commentator said that Rodgers joked with a 49ers cornerback about the end of Jennings contract in 2012, saying "You guys should get him at the end of the year."

Jennings said that he doesn't think Rodgers realizes the impact that the joke had on him. "Had the shoe been on the other foot and I said, 'Hey, man, I should come and play with your quarterback,' he would've been so offended by that. But when it comes out of his mouth—and we all know there's truth behind jokes—for him to say that and just act as though everything was the same? It just wasn't."

The next day, Jennings told his position coach, Edgar Bennett, he knew he was done in Green Bay. "That was my headspace," he said.

Jennings said that the bad blood between himself and Rodgers continued after his playing days. He said that Rodgers intentionally ignored him after a Packers game because Jennings maintained a relationship with Favre after the quarterback left for Minnesota.

"I can't have a relationship with him because you have a problem with him?" Jennings said. "That's petty! That's not who I am."

While he provided tons of insight into the situation in Wisconsin, he never revealed how he was running with a broken leg.

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