After receiving criticism for not inviting a professional female sports team to the White House in his two years as president, Donald Trump hosted the 2019 NCAA women's tournament champions, the Baylor Lady Bears, for a celebratory visit on Monday. As has become typical Trump behavior, the president served the athletes a selection of fast-food items, and lauded their basketball jerseys for displaying "such beautiful arms."

The overall interaction was amusing for some of the players, who took to Instagram to laugh at the McDonald's and the cheap pizza Trump so graciously offered them. The spread was similar to the one served during the Clemson football team visit in January, which occurred during the government shutdown. He repeated the fast-food gesture when hosting the North Dakota State Bison following their 2019 FCS win.

The president reportedly enjoys ordering from restaurants like McDonald's because of a "longtime fear of being poisoned." 

During the visit, the president asked the Baylor Bears' head coach Kim Mulkey whether or not she would ever like to work at the White House, to which she briefly responded, "no."

Anytime Trump does anything painfully characteristic, the internet is quick with the commentary. Naturally, another fast-food selection served on fine china and silver drew a response from many people online, many of whom scoffed at the president's idea of hospitality.