UPDATED 3:45 p.m. ET: After a clip of Steve Kerr mouthing what appears to be "I'm f*cking tired of Draymond's sh*t" went viral, the Warriors' coach fielded questions where he responded to the incident. 

According to The Athletic's Anthony Slater, Kerr got notice of the video when he was entering the locker room after the final buzzer. Kerr then claimed that he was going to discuss the incident in totality with Green, but Draymond had already left the facility. He did say the two have talked since Sunday night but declined to comment on their "private" conversation.

Kerr also joked the "the lip readers were wrong" and that he actually said: "I beg to differ with Draymond’s approach tonight."

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Despite sitting at the top of the West, the Warriors haven't looked like the dominating force that they've been known to be in recent years. That eye test combined with a few troubling losses have many trying to pinpoint the team's issues. This led to a thorough investigation of the Golden State locker room which—in an attempt to leave no stone unturned—Warriors fans have resorted to reading lips.

The new research method first came into play during Sunday's 115-111 loss to the struggling Phoenix Suns. With the Warriors down late in the fourth quarter, a timeout was called. As usual, the camera began to pan both benches before cutting to commercial. During this time it's not unusual to catch a player mouthing curses or flashing gang signs (word to John Wall), but this time the camera caught Warriors' coach Steve Kerr mouthing what appears to be his frustration with Draymond Green

Although there is no sound, it seems like Kerr is telling a Warriors' assistant coach that he "so f*cking tired of Draymond." If Kerr did say this, then a lot of pieces would start to connect for Warriors fans.

Early in the season, Green was pegged as divisive after a spat with teammate Kevin Durant. During the argument, Green allegedly commented on the superstar's pending free agency which earned Green a one-game suspension. But even though Durant and Green say they're past the altercation, it has been reported that Green's jabs at Durant's external camp. This, in turn, angered the Warriors' front office as they are undoubtedly interested in keeping KD happy so that he is inclined to stay in the summer. That rift, Draymond's drop in offensive productivity, and Kerr's assumed reaction leads one to wonder if Green is doing more harm than good.