A referee and student athlete were hospitalized over the weekend, after a light pole came crashing down onto a high school football stadium in western Arkansas.

The incident occurred at around 3 p.m. local time during a high school soccer tournament in Clarksville. Video obtained by Fox 16 News shows the terrifying moment that left the college-aged referee and unidentified students with non-life-threatening injuries. Superintendent David Hopkins told the outlet strong winds likely played a factor in the incident, but the school district has since launched an investigation to determine the exact cause.

"It was a bad, bad situation," Hopkins told Fox 16 following the accident. "We're just very grateful that we got out of this with injuries (and no fatalities). If in fact, it comes back that it was possibly just strong winds then we're going to look at protocols to cease games in high winds."

The referee, identified as Rigo Resendez, sustained two broken leg bones and a foot injury. He remained at a Little Rock hospital Monday night, recovering from surgery. Resendez's mother told reporters that her son is expected to undergo at least one more surgery.

The unidentified student was also hospitalized and treated for superficial injuries to his legs and head. The student has since been released from the hospital.

"The football stadium and adjacent baseball field will be closed until all poles can be inspected and necessary repairs made," Clarksville Public Schools wrote on Facebook Saturday. "Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured today."