After Sunday's Super Bowl, staffers at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium foiled one excited Patriots fan's plans, after he tried to join the team's locker room celebration by posing as part of the stadium's security team. 

According to TMZ Sports, the fan—whose identity has not been released—somehow acquired a staffer's jacket, which he then used to try to enter the New England locker room. But alas, his dreams of popping bottles with Brady weren't meant to be. In a video recorded by witnesses, security officers are seen easily fingering the man as an imposter. The staff then takes the culprit's jacket, revealing a Tom Brady Patriots Jersey. After attempting to make a subtle escape by merely walking away from the scene, security officers cornered the man until the Atlanta Police could be summoned, Yahoo! Sports reports.

When APD arrived, they asked the faux-security guard a series of questions. Although he did tell them that the jacket was given to him by a woman, he never actually identified the person responsible. Some witnesses claim the man was eventually arrested, but there are no reports that confirm him being taken into custody.

At least someone had fun during last night's game.


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