NBC News has learned that mixed martial arts fighter Cedrick Joseph Marks, 44, who goes by the alias "Spider Man," was captured by authorities in Texas after escaping a prisoner transport van early Sunday morning. Marks was being extradited from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Bell County for a burglary charge when he fled the van during its stop at McDonalds. While on the loose, authorities described him as being "extremely dangerous," and "able to lose custody."

It’s unclear how Marks was able to escape the van, which had two employees and nine other inmates inside at the time. 

In addition to a burglary charge, Marks is considered a suspect in the deaths of Jenna Scott, and Micheal Swearingen. Scott is believed to be Marks' ex-boyfriend, according to court papers filed from the MMA fighter's burglary case. The bodies of Scott and Swearingen were found in Clearview, Oklahoma, 11 days after they went missing on January 4. 

Court docs allege that Marks allegedly broke into Scott’s home in Temple, Texas on August 21, demanding that she drop the pending assault charges against him. "Your entire family and all of your friends will need witness protection if you call the police," Marks told her.